57000 km between us

Feature film, 1h22, 2008

Director: Delphine Kreuter

With: Florence Thomassin, Pascal Bongard, Mathieu Amalric, Marie Burgun, Hadrien Bouvier. 

Written by: Delphine Kreuter, Mathieu Lis, Emmanuel Finkiel


Nat, in 2006, is Alice in wonderland or in the cities, Zazie and the wierd adults, Lolita and the girl from next door at the same time... In three days and four nights, Nat grows up. 57000 km between us is her first full-length feature film.

Awards and festivals:

Prix Spécial du Jury - Taipei Film Festival 2008.
Prix d'interprétation féminine pour Marie Burgun - Femina-Inter Women's Film Festival 2008 - Tribeca Film Festival 2008.


World sales: Les Films du Poisson.

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