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Documentary, 1h30, 2001

Director: Emmanuel Finkiel


Between 1994 and 1998, Emmanuel Finkiel organized for his fiction films a casting of non-professionals within the French Ashkenazi community: ‘Yiddish-speaking men and women between 65 and 90 required for fiction shooting”. Emmanuel Finkiel then chose to make a documentary from these individual interviews and these screen tests where people’s real-life and the fiction of characters constantly mingle, between experience and representation.

Awards and festivals :​

Special Commendation, Amascultura - Speciale Commendation of the International Jury of Documentaries, International Leipzig - Festival for Documentary Films - Best Film "Topten Non Fiction" Cologne Conference 2002.


CNC (COSIP) - PROCIREP - Ministry of Defence - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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