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Flickering Ghosts Of Loves Gone By

Documentary, feature film, 1h36, 2021

Director: André Bonzel


Through the amateur and anonymous films he has collected since childhood, a filmmaker takes a look back over his turbulent life. In these fragile, funny, and moving images, with their fragments of stories and past emotions, he examines his own history and that of his family, marked by an obsession with cinema and sex.


A fictionalized self-portrait, whimsical and baroque, Flickering ghosts of loves gone by is also a vibrant ode to cinema and to life.

Awards and festivals

Festival de Cannes 2021, sélection officielle Cannes Classics.


In coproduction with Les Artistes Asociaux. With the support of the CNC, Avance sur recettes.

With the support of Agnès b.

Et j'aime à la fureur Affiche
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