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Inside Kabul


Documentary/Animation, 30 minutes and 5 x 6 minutes, 2023

Directors: Caroline Gillet and Denis Walgenwitz


With the collaboration of Marwa and Raha.


Based on a France Inter podcast.


Original music: Théo Boulenger


In the summer of 2021, the Taliban regain power in Afghanistan and the destinies of two young women, Raha and Marwa, change. Inside Kabul is based on the hundreds of voice notes they exchanged with journalist Caroline Gillet in the months that followed. Raha has chosen to stay in Kabul; she is confronted with the violence of the regime and the crisis into which the country is gradually sinking.

Marwa has left, she is locked up in a refugee camp in Abu Dhabi, waiting to be taken in somewhere in Europe or the United States. For her, the questions that all young women ask themselves have a singular acuity: how to grow up, how to project yourself towards the future when you are 20 years old and the world you have known is collapsing?


Co-produced by Tchack. In association with BBC Storyville. With the participation of France télévisions, Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée. In co-production with Radio France, Pictanovo, the Région Hauts-de-France and Ström Pictures.


Podcast (In French)

Press Kit (In French)

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