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Public Affair

With: Anne Alvaro, Jean-Quentin Chatelain, Michèle Laroque, Bernard Ménez

Screenplay: Mathieu Amalric, Christine Dory and Marcelo Novais Teles. 





A director receives a commission from a TV channel for his new series "Masculin-Féminin". Following the law on parity, he has set his plot in the political world. Three weeks before shooting, his wife tells him that she has met someone. Between the Chamber of Deputies and the bedroom, how will he fulfil the order?

Awards and festivals:



Directors' Fortnight, Cannes 2003, Toronto, Seoul, Namur, Colmar, Sao Paulo, London, Florence, Seville, Milan, Vienna.




In co-production with Arte Fiction - GMT - Procirep CNC (COSIP) European Union Media Programme.


Theatrical release: 2003

Distributor France: Why Not

Worldwide sales: Roissy Films

Translated with (free version)

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