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The Square

Documentary,1h40, 2011

Director: Marie Dumora


In the aftermath of WWII, the town of Colmar ceded a tiny plot of land, at the foot of the Vosges mountains, to a handful of gypsies so that they could live at peace. Today, the town has decided to claim back the land. Yet another battle, this time for Mouri, Daisy, Zorro and Pesso, all guided by Ramuncco the Evangelical priest, united in defending this place they have named “The Square”.

Awards and Festivals :


Prix Patrimoine de l’immatériel, Cinéma du Réel 2011 ; Ad Hoc Inconvenient Films, Vilnius 2011 ; FIFE 2012.

Partners :

In coproduction with Vosges Télévision. With the support of Région Alsace, COSIP, Fonds d’aide à l’innovation (CNC), Fonds Images de la diversité (CNC), Procirep Angoa.

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