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The Resolute

Documentary, 2h30, 2017

Director: Giovanni Donfrancesco

An eighty-seven-year-old Italian who has retired to the woods of Vermont meets a filmmaker and seizes the occasion to look back on his long life. Wartime memories long suppressed trigger recollections of his inconvenient past as a child soldier in the ranks of the Decima Mas, one of the most violent fascist militias. Including a revelation concerning Mussolini's lost treasure, which he himself helped to hide. A journey down the winding road of memory that speaks to the present day.

Awards and festivals:

Selected at the Venice Days.


In Coproduction with Altara Films (Italie). With the support of the Fond d’aide à l’innovation du CNC. Broadcasters : Arte, Rai Cinéma et Toute l’histoire.


World sales: AB Distribution

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