Madame Jacques sur la croisette

Short film, 38 minutes, 1995

Director: Emmanuel Finkiel


With: Maurice Chevit, Natan Cogan, Shulamit Adar
Written by: Emmanuel Finkiel


The film traces a group of elderly French Jewish men and women all of Eastern European origin, as they meet each other periodically in spring time in Cannes, on the Mediterranean promenade, where they spend their afternoons together. Bundled up in their jackets, they take walks, sit back to the sea, and exchange their past lives and their Yiddish. Maurice, widower, is no longer satisfied with this organised monotony and awaits impatiently the arrival of Mrs. Jacques, also a widow.

Awards and festivals:


César award for Best short film 1997 - Public prize at "Rencontres Vidéothèque" in Paris - Golden Gate San Francisco, USA - Beaumarchais Prize - Best First short (Brest) - Pyral prize (Villeurbanne) - Public prize (Belfort) - Public prize (Nancy) - CNC: Quality Prize.


La Sept Cinéma - CNC - Adami - Babel - Unifrance.