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Music On The Road

Documentary, 10 x 7 minutes, 2016

Directors: Yoann Le Gruiec and Benoit Pergent


Music On The Road is a transmedia platform that allows you to discover and share emerging music, available for the web, TV, radio and smartphones. The user can create his own interactive journey on a musical map, and make connections with musicians and other members by joigning the MOTR Community. We want to rediscover music, by focusing on the fusion of genres: we are portraying the new sounds of American music, by meeting the artists that are recreating the blues, the jazz, the folk, the hip hop and the techno scenes by pushing the frontiers further, i.e. by enhancing the land’s musical DNA. On the way to the 9 different locations between NYC and San Francisco, the user is driving with the radio tuned in to MOTR.FM, and can choose to have for each destination 3 different audio podcasts. They are unique presentations of the cities we are visiting, held by renown musical personalities, to give the audience the musical background of each location involved.

Awards and festivals:


Best Music Score award at Dub Web Fest, Best Documentary at Baltimore Web Fest. Selected for the 2015 Cross Video Days, the leading European Digital Market and for the 2014 Blend Web Mix. Selected for the Venice Production Bridge, at the 73rd Mostra Internazionale.


In coproduction with Why So Serious Productions and Arte France. With the support of CNC (new media), Pôle Image Haute-Normandie and contributors to Kisskissbankbank. In partnership with Radio Nova and 3DIO.

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