Upside Down

Series, 3 x15 minutes, 2002

Directors: Delphine Coulin, Antoine Le Bos, Angelo Cianci



"The Black Box", by Angelo Cianci, with Anne Azoulay, Aurélien Recoing, Simon Masnay, Frédéric Cavaye, Ludovic Berthillot Sarah Ostrovski, a woman amog many others, suddenly lost the man she loved. Her memories are no longer enough. So she dives into the illusion that it is possible to make dead people live again on screen. "Compulsion" (interactive version) / "Monsieur Hubert" (linear version), by Antoine Le Bos, with Stéphane Aubin, Annie Legrand, Gwenaëlle Clauwaert When Mr Hubert comes back home he wants only one thing: to walk his dog on time so he doesn’t miss his daily TV program. But today, Mr Hubert routine strangely goes wrong. "Freewheel", by Delphine et Muriel Coulin, with Thierry de Chaunac, Franck Passemard, Arnaud Perrel Three young guys have just robbed a bank, but one of them is wounded. During their stroll through the city, between consciousness and unconsciousness, he asks his two accomplices to drive him to the sea, for the last time.

Awards and festivals:


Italia Award 2002 - Jury Award, Europa Prize, Berlin - La Rochelle Festival - Nemo Festival 2003 - Clermont-Ferrand Festival - Montreal Festival 'Prends ça court !' (Quebec) - Nice Festival "C'est trop court !" - Montecatini Film Festival (Italy).


Arte France, Centre Georges Pompidou, Thécif, CNC (DICREAM & COSIP)

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