The Stone River

Documentary, 1h28, 2013

Director: Giovanni Donfrancesco


An underground but mighty river links the cities of Carrara in Tuscany and Barre in Vermont, USA. It is a river that carries with it the tragic epic of an entire community of emigrants from all over Europe engaged in the everlas­ting and titanic struggle against stone. It rises from the quarries of the Apuan Alps, where Michelangelo used to go to obtain the blocks of marble. And that finds its outlet in Vermont, amidst social battles, tragic deaths, the splendor of the art of sculpture, amidst anarchic utopia, hope and tragedy.

Awards & festivals: 

Etoile de la Scam 2015. Prix des jeunes au Cinéma du réel - Festival international de films documentaires. Prix Poggiali du Meilleur documentaire au Festival de Rome. Golden Apricot for Best Documentary au Festival d'Erevan. Sélection officielle Festival It's all true et Festival International de Films Documentaires Cinéma du Réel.- Globo d'Oro for best documentary (Italian Golden Globe). Special Award, Cinemambiente Turin.


In coproduction with Altara Films, RAI Cinéma (Italy) and Vosges TV. With the support of CNC, de la Tuscany Film Commission, Association Realab.